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3 customs by Brian Bilby ACP Custom (RIP)

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Brian Bilby was a well known pistol smith with a true love for the 10 mm from Michigan that passed on far too early.  I never got to meet Brian myself, in the early 2000's I started taking a lot of pistol and carbine classes. Well the first class I was just overwhelmed and could not hit the side of the barn with my handgun (first Glock and more or less first time shooting Glocks) anyway a total stranger came over and offered to let me shoot his spare 1911 and I said Noooo I dont like those carrying cocked just seems nuts to me (I was young) and the guy smiled and laughed and explained to me how safe they really were but I still said no. A couple drills later the frustration got to me I humbly ate crow and asked him to shoot it well lets just say I fell in love. Anyway I got to know him and a few other guys several who were personal friends with Brian. I was just getting into custom 1911's and was head over heels drunk in love with em! A friend called and had to sell his beloved Delta which Brian did up for him. Despite not being a 10 mm or Delta guy it was a custom by Brian Bilby who I had heard so much about and he built it for a close friend and I had to do it! A couple years later a friend stepped back from shooting so much, changed his carry gun from a 1911 and decided to give me a call and I purchased his .45 Pocket Rocket (I believe the only one in .45 he built). Take a class with a couple of the guys and an instructor wed all befriended and trained with offered me his Bilby which he carried as his duty gun for years, taught countless classes with etc. Anyway here are my three Bilby guns. I carried the Pocket Rocket for a year or so but I can't remember the last time I shot the others. I still cherish them for the friendships I have attached to them and knowing these guys were Brian's close friends and he built them for them means a lot to me.



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Wow great post and pics!   I also have a few Bilby guns.... some talked about in this forum Years ago.... I have one of his 10mm Pocket Rockets.... one of two he made and I believe one in 357sig.... I did not know he made one in 45..... I also have a Full House Delta he did.... Barsto, Bomar rear, Metaloy HC....and what I believe was his last full house 45 he built..based on delivery and his passing... I’ll get to some pics hopefully tomorrow 

Brian lived twentysome miles from me.... I’d hang out in his basement and also helped him with his State  IDPA match he ran...he would come shoot the IPSC match I ran..


He got Ken Hackathorn to do a class and Brian asked to borrow back the Pocket Rocket.... when he returned it he had performed a Live Rnd Clearance mod to ejection port and reblued it..... tell ya what came out of Brian’s mouth was... well.... Colorful 



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