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Hello from Detroit!

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Hi Everyone!
Thanks for letting me join, while I am not new to guns or the forums in general I am new here.
I stumbled across the forum as I own a couple Brian Bilby guns in my collection and found a post from a member here with Bilby guns as well.
If you are from Metro Detroit you may know me or if not perhaps my business Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.
Anyway just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!!!


Wouldn't the world be better off if we took nonsense more seriously? 🤡



Ringmaster, Grand Poobah &
Self-Designated Adult In-Charge

Marvin's Marvelous 
Mechanical Museum

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Welcome!  My wife and I have talked about swinging by and checking out your Museum with our 9 year old son but haven't gotten a chance yet.  Hopefully we will see you soon.

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I had been at your museum multiple times and it’s a great place to visit every time I go see my folks in Rochester hills.


Just check your profile and saw your name as Jeremy so if my memory serves me right, you’re the son of Mr. Marvin (founder of the museum.

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Yes, that is me!  
My father was the Marvelous one!
We're still here and trying to always find unique things to add to the collection while also keeping the latest pinball, video and ticket prize games!
COVID almost took us out and while its not back to what it was the bleeding isn't as bad....
In addition to the games and assorted memorabilia you see in Marvelous Marvins I collect guns, ammo and high end watches LOL

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