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Early 80's Shoot-off help needed.


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Need a little help from some of the old timers.  In the early 80s (had to have been 82,82 or 85) the shoot-off at the Nationals was done completely on Pepper Poppers.  Might have been the match where poppers were introduced.  Set up was 6 poppers on each side, 2 red, 2 white and 2 blue and then a cross-over stop set.  You were started by a set of "drag race" lights in the middle, but when the lights went on you could only shoot the poppers of the corresponding color and then the stop popper.


Anyone remember this?


We are putting on an even for the Navy SEAL Foundation this fall and are going to set this up as one of the events.  I think I remember enough to do it but was hoping someone had either a diagram or pictures from the match.


Thanks for the help



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I've shot a lot of those man on man shoot offs.   The last one I shot had two plate racks, one for each shooter and then two small pepper poppers that would fall on top of each other, the action stated with a standard timer.   The winner was determined by which popper was on the bottom.   Starting position was wrist above.  There were a few rules about hitting the wrong popper etc, but it is fairly simple.  


The initial round was winning 2 out of 3 to progress to the second round, then the third round.   I lost in the 9th round, aka the final, the other guy won the Glock, I wound up with a refinish certificate.   You can also have the loser's shoot off in a second group to keep everyone engaged. 

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