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Reducing recoil by using a lightweight bolt carrier group

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On 3/9/2021 at 6:40 AM, Steve in Allentown PA said:

If it wouldn't be a bother.  No such thing as too much information.

Finally talked to my son. Anderson upper and lower. Faxton 14.5" pencil barrel with a cheap comp pined and welded.(3 side slots and 2 vertical holes) Adjustable gas block, Brownells light weight BCG. Round aluminum  handguard.(Ar 15 free float handguard 15 inch TUBE | Ar15 handguard AR15 223 5.56 ) BMSMIL stock ( BMSMIL - BATTLELINK Minimalist MILSPEC Stock - Arm or Ally ) It is a light gun with light recoil. He wanted to start 2 gun matches with it but with ammo now he will have to wait.

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Thanks for following up with the information.


It seems everyone is conserving their ammo supply given the current situation.


I've decided to take a small step by replacing the standard GI gas key on a rifle with an adjustable gas key just to see the effect.  I'm going to start a new thread for just this one thing.

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An update.


I called Jeff at Rubber City Armory and bought one of his steel lightweight BCGs.  I'm experimenting with it in another rifle and have been favorably impressed.


What I'm working on now is figuring out a way to glue a 1" thick Limbsaver recoil pad to the existing pad that came with the  FAB stock. 


Here's a pic of the FAB stock and pad.  The FAB pad will not fit a Magpul stock, is relatively thin, and has no "give" to it.  My thought was to grind it down so that it's flat across the entire surface and then join the plastic backing plate of the Limbsaver to it.  Are there any adhesives experts out there who can tell me which glue/epoxy will permanently join the plastic  backing plate of the Limbsaver to the rubber surface of the FAB pad?



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On 4/10/2021 at 11:53 AM, mpeltier said:

why glue it? Its just plastic/rubber. Screw the limb saver on like it was designed. Just be mindful of the buffer tube and use a shorter screw if needed in that location.

Here's why I can't just screw on another pad.  There's nothing to screw into.




The OEM butt pad is secured to a dovetail grooved plastic backing that slides into place on the buttstock and is locked in place.  I've already put the belt sander to work to grind the face of the pad perfectly flat.  Now I need to find the right glue to join the plastic backing of the new pad to the now flat rubber face of the OEM pad.



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