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Firing Pin Compilation

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I compared all my firing pins to see where they are different. The one on left is the pin that came in my Faxon bolt that the tip got damaged and started piercing primers. I was able to reshape it a bit with a stone. Better but not fixed. Next is the CMMG I've been running with no problems. The next one is a Wilson I fired a few rounds with to make sure it worked. Last is the ICRW that I ran 100 rounds so far with no problem. 

I did some measurements and found the tips to be mostly the same .065" The length was the same with the Faxon and Wilson 2.642" The CMMG 2.650" and the ICRW being the longest at 2.671" .029" longer than the shortest but works in my bolt. I'm going to run the ICRW pin. The Wilson and the CMMG are identical except for the .009" difference in length.

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Good topic - where did you take your length measurement?  I would think the important dimension would be from the underside of the "head" to the tip.  I'd also be curious to see how much they wear down and if that affects reliability.  Or maybe they break first.  I'll measure my JP after work today to add to the comparison.  




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The length is overall length form tip to head. With the way these bolts slam the titanium being much lighter than steel may not jostle around as much reducing some of the stress. 


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