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I should have been DQed, but...

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With the new woke and cancel culture. I will put on a match and the entry fee will be $100. You can send me the $100 and I will send you a score card showing that you were DQ’d.  This should make you feel better about yourself and you no longer have to feel bad about not being DQ’d in the past. 
I could use some help naming the match and spreading the word. I will donate half of the entry fees to Brian Enos Forms. 


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I didn't get dq'd for this when I tripped. I knew it was sketchy and would have dq'd myself but I couldn't zero in on it enough on my phone to see. When I got home I went frame by frame and said 'oops'. at least you can see my finger way out on the slide.


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I always dry fire at home or the hotel before a match. Sometimes with a snapcap in the gun. Twice I have heard make ready, once at a sectional match and once at a local, and racked out my morning's snapcap as I went to load my gun for the first stage. At the sectional the RO said, "Pick that up and put it in your pocket before I see it." I was able to keep shooting the match. At the local I was teased loudly and mercilessly. I asked if I had to go home and said I'd understand and instead I was allowed to shoot but was cursed at and made fun of all day. (Fair trade if you ask me, though no "legal")

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Area 8 match,,, hosted at club I normally shoot at.
Every bay had some long benches in the shade... 11 months out of the year they are just long benches in the shade.   Safe area is by the bathroom...

For Area 8,,, they made those benches a safe area.......

I was chillin on the bench loading magazines like I have done past 11 months,,, but this time my back was to a "SAFE AREA" sign....   got a warning vs a DQ

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