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9mm Major OAL


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What OAL is everyone running in their 9Major guns?


Some context;

  • Atlas and MBX seem to recommend 1.165 OAL, with what I assume are RN bullets
  • My SPS will happily run 1.190 with Berry's or Frontier RN
  • My Czechmate runs 1.170 from memory
  • The common wisdom seems to be "run as long as your mags will allow"


I guess my main question is what to do about that 0.025?



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Aha! 1.165 with hollow points makes more sense. Not really a commonly used (or available for that matter) projectile down here. We're mostly about copper plated stuff.


Thanks guys

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I am running a Tanfoglio Gold Custom and with the mag limitations and plunk test, I had my barrel reamed to  1.170 to accept my Montana gold bullets 124gr JHP and Round nose.  The JHP still stick in the lands so I have opted to just load the RN at 1.160.  

I was running a STI DVC previously and that would accept just about anything with MBX mags but I loaded to 1.170.  

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1 hour ago, LordManHammer said:

1.165 with MG 124 grain JHP’s over 7.8 grains HS-6.

How the hell do guys make major with less than 8 grains of HS6, I'm at 8.2

I know , holes , different barrel but the lower charge weights......

Different lots produce different results.....

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