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Shooters World Ultimate Pistol

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Looking for thoughts on Shooters World Ultimate Pistol (Lovex D036-07). I Know Clean shot is what most are running for 9mm minor, but This is what I have at hand. Looks like it is close to autocomp. Any one that has tried I would love to hear your thoughts, will be using with 115-125gr bullets. 

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I tried it for a one port comp Honcho. 5 grains under 124 grain plated was right around 130 pf. Takes 4.2 cleanshot to make 130. Ultimate load was perfectly fine but the clean shot is flatter, softer, and cleaner. But if I only had ultimate I'd use it happily. 

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I burned through an 8 lbs jug of it.  When I was making minor with a full 5" barrel, the pressures were low enough to leave a fair amount of unburned powder in the gun.  Using a load specifically for a 3.5" barrel and it was fine.


I ended up using it for non-PF ammo for my service and carry pistol. 


Good powder, but not what I needed for USPSA/IDPA.

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