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New to this forum. Finishing up my 308 build. Looking for recommendations on compensators. I have a 16” barrel. Putting a high priority on recoil reduction. 

I appreciate your time. 



David M

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Running a vg6 precision lambda PRS on 6.5cm (22 inch barrel, basically no felt recoil), .308 (16 inch, not quite as light recoil as the cm, but still light), and sometimes 6.5 Grendel (still deciding if like that or the PVA jetblast ultralite on that rifle), and seems to work quite well...

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I shoot a lot of heavy metal with a pretty light ar 10 and I have tried several of the high end comps. I am currently running the hypertap. The only other design that performed similarly without being huge and heavy was an APA the gen 3 but one size up from the answer I think its called little b or something like that. Any other port design though effective will not be as effective as these new generation of 3d angled baffle comps.

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