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Finished my coated bullets now have a question about jacketed

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A friend of mine gave me some  jacketed round nose 115 gr 9mm.  They are jacketed not plated but I do not know the manufacturer.  So I am looking for a load for them using VV N320

powder and an OAL.  My Hornady loading guide does not give load data for VV powders. And I believe the VV manual only has JHP load data at least the one I have.

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1 hour ago, gunner40sw said:

This would be just a standard load for practice either in a glock or berreta or sti edge or a springfield. 

Are you trying to match recoil of your previous rounds?

Jacketed take a bit more powder than coated or lead. Other than that plunk test for chamber is the same. 

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You find your OAL by testing dummy rounds to see how long you can load that bullet in each of your firearms before it fails to chamber in one of them. I then shorten it up ten thou and use that as my “default” OAL.


Longer is softer, feeds better, and is generally more accurate. Just gotta make sure it fits.


For a powder charge? If I were loading ammo up for plinking, I’d fill them with a charge right in the middle between minimum and maximum, and call it good.
(Make sure you stay at least a few tenths below the book’s max load.)


For competition, I’d do considerably more tuning and testing. The same goes for hot hunting/defense loads.

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Generally speaking it will take .2 to .3 grains more to match PF for jacketed over coated 124s with a powder like N320, Sport Pistol.  Of course you must consult the data and test though.

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