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CMMG Banshee vs Tula Brass


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Was shooting some of my practice loads from our suppressed Banshee with the wife the other day. Didn't bother to pick up the brass until today and look what I found. These were mixed brass, 147gr MGB @ 135PF loads. Only the Tula brass did this.


Roll sizing should fix it right up.


I'll report back if any other brands of brass behave this way.

The Banshee upper has run damn near 100% so far. Nice to be able to slap an upper on any standard AR lower and have it actually work properly out of the box with no mucking about.




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1 minute ago, PhotoRecon said:

Based on my experience those cases will probably rupture on the next firing despite roll sizing. My guess the brass is weakened beyond repair after going that far out of spec.

That was sarcasm. They are going in the recycle bucket.

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My RDB kit from CMMG has done this too.  I only took it to the range once after assembly and haven't yet sent the time to sort it out.  Mine is the 5" barrel with an attached can.


I was under the impression my reloads (135gr seated long for 1911s) were crashing into the rifling and not allowing the gun to fully lockup in battery.  I have yet to track down a source for chamber reaming.


Is it moreso a function of nonexistent case support?


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We fired ~60 rounds of mixed brass. The Tula were the only ones that did this. If it was Starline brass bulging like this might blame the gun. I'm calling this thin cases in a fast cycling delayed blowback.

This upper has ~350 rounds through it in total. No other fired cases bulged like this, well none I was able to find.

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