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Springfield 9mm


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I own the Springfield 9mm 1911

(19134L) my problems are 1st rd

nose up feed , nose feed with 2nd rd on top of 1st  , may jam 

mid-magazine 3/4/5 rd,  may not LRHO/LTSL, plunk test barrel w/ sharpie marker no marks 

I make my own loads Barry’s 115 RNFMJ. Hogdon titegroup 4.2 GR. COAL 1.165-9 

brand new pistol ~2000 rds. With 1st 1000 new factory rds 

these issues are slowing me down, people say to go out and buy 200 dollars in new magazines . Don’t have time and don’t think I should have to 

Springfield says to send it in 

I shoot a sig p226 and CZ 75 p01 never had above described  issues . What’s the fix

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51 minutes ago, TT2U said:

 may not LRHO/LTSL

does this mean not go to slide lock?


by first round nose up what do you mean exactly? is it first round wont feed from magazine? or after firing first round the second round is not feeding and the first case is still in the gun?


did the factory ammo have the same issues?


your load looks like it is on the light end of the spectrum, for rounds loaded to 1.125 your loading longer so that will make them even slower, whats the PF out of your gun?


what recoil spring weight are you using?



Here is my guess

you are running ~100PF ammo with a factory heavy recoil and main springs causing the gun to short stroke, try adding some more powder shortening our OAL or installing lighter springs.




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As stated, I would start by going to a 9lb recoil spring.  I would also check/adjust the extractor tension and tune the hook if that's not done already.  What magazines are you using?

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Does your Springfield have the ILS mainspring housing?  If so, it has a very heavy mainspring, 23 or 28 lbs, and titanium firing pin.  This alone with standard recoil spring and light loads could be a factor.  The COAL of 1.169 sounds a bit long.

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Where the issues present with factory ammo?  Springfield probably isn't going to want to hear about your handloads.  What do your loads chrono?  My 9mm guns aren't really happy at 125 PF.  132-135 is more of the happy spot.  1.15" is pretty long and you're beyond that.  I'm at 1.125".


Having a few mags in your collection that are reputable can be a good diagnostic tool for 9mm guns.  A few metalform 10rd mags at $20 won't set you back too far.  Tripp and Wilson ETM are a little more, but those are your three "go to" 10rd mags for 9mm.


Another good diagnostic tool for 1911s is a recoil spring tester.  Guns that aren't super slick may need a little more spring to feed.  9-11 pounds is what I would consider typical for power floor 9mm.  Why the tester?  Springs will vary from the rating on the bag quite a bit, and will set over time.  Some spring manufacturers are worse than others on variability and being high/low.  Measuring the OAL uncompressed and the tension when compressed to 1.625" will tell you everything there is to know.


Beyond mags, ammo, and recoil spring, a mainspring in the 17 to 19 pound range is a good starting point.  I was unaware that the springfield ils system had different firing pin and mainspring rate.  I'd hate to diagnose a gun that is off the beaten path with nonstandard systems that impact recoil cycling of the gun.


Improper extractor fit/geometry/tension can also slow the gun down during feeding.  So that's something to learn about too.  I've also seen some springfields be pretty rough on the underside f the stripper rail.  Smooth is better here.


The issues you describe seem to point to a gun that is low on slide velocity...short stroking and sometimes so much that it is overrunning the magazine.  Low power, questionable springs, and other things that interrupt cycling (including poopy mags) are part of that story.


If there is a gun problem, I've heard good things about several warranty departments, springfield being one of them.  It's a pain to send it off, but it seems they have more time and resources to make it right that the people slapping the guns together. 

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We have 5 of the same gun (we sold 1).  If it's the CA version which I believe is the only one that SA makes definitely swap out the mainspring housing and go with something in the 17-19 lb. range.  We pair a 19 with 9 lb. recoil springs.  Our firing pin stops have a radius so that may put our guns more in the 19 lb. range.  Also, way back in time we starting using standard steel firing pins with standard (Extra Power versus XX).  Be sure you get the firing pin for a Springfield - different tip OD.


That 19/9 combination in a broken in gun will cycle down to the point where I can watch the cases barely clear the ejection port and fall to the ground.

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I have the same gun and had the same problem.  Contacted Springfield (great customer service), they had me send it in and it came back a few weeks later working perfectly.  I don't know what they did, but it's been a dream since.  Actually, since getting it back and shooting it for a few hundred rounds to ensure reliability, I've modified it and it is just spectacular.  Good luck with yours

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