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IMI Jericho trigger break is weird with floating trigger pin

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I recently got an old surplus IMI Jericho FS (old enough to have the 3.5" barrel, not the later 3.8"), and I'm slowly getting new pins and springs for service life maintenance. Runs great, runs consistent, but figured why not?


For giggles, I tried CGW's floating trigger pin, the Canik size since the Jericho is a Tanfoglio clone, and I didn't find any reported issues. But I'm running into one now. Install was no problem, yet the trigger travel is now horrible, especially in single action (I haven't done any trigger polishing whatsoever).


1: With the original roll pin, the single action would break just before the trigger shoe physically touches the back.


2: With the floating pin, it physically touches the back, and needs quite a bit of significant extra pressure to finally break.


Both times are with the trigger return spring the gun came with, and the only other new parts so far being the hammer cup and cup pin. Put the old parts back in just in case, but same issue. Slots in perfectly, no slop in the pin hole. Looked around to see if anyone had this issue, but didn't find anything yet.


Yes, I could just keep the original pin or get a new roll pin. But what in the world is going on, and could this be a sign of something else becoming a problem?

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I have multiple Tanfoglios and owned the Jericho which is very similar to the Tanfos. My first question is this, what was the floating pin supposed to do for your gun?


I have a fair amount of experience with the Tanfos, small and large frames. The trigger bar has to come back the right amount of distance with the plunger pushing it up before the sear is pushed and the hammer is released. Again I have no experience with a "Floating pin" but I know this, the distance for sear movement or not is fairly small, so if the pin allows too much play the reliability will be compromised.


What you want is very little play in the pins which hold the trigger bar to the the trigger and the frame. Polish the heck out of the factory pins for smooth rotation on the trigger and bar (and do the same to all the other standard Tanfo parts) and you will have a reliable smooth operating gun.


BTW I just noticed when you returned to the original parts the problem remained. The only answer is when you installed the floating pin there was some sort of damage or modification done to the original trigger holes. You may need to be looking for some replacement parts.

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The floating trigger pin isn't exactly an upgrade, but more like a luxury item, and figured I'd give it a shot. Makes it easier for frequent detailed break downs.


I was wondering if it was shifting the timing, but it occured me after your post to try something. I reinstalled it, and ever so slightly pushed the trigger return spring forward a little. Held it there as I pulled the trigger, and it breaked better. Pushed a little more, and breaked exactly as it should. Looks like holes in the old trigger shoe is just wide enough, it threw it off just enough, because the pin holes in the frame are just right. If I could find my calipers, I'd measure the differences.


And while returning the original pin this time, it again returned the travel/break back to original form, but did hiccup once like it did with the floating pin. Tore it down, cleaned, lubed, and back to form. I am adding a few more parts for replacement to the list to get from Patriot Defense to be in the safe side.


Thanks for the help!

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