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Want to mount a Romeo Max or XL in a S2 OR, here is how!

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For those of you who like to mount a Romeo Max or XL on a S2 OR and find out is to big for it.  You can mount it and spend just about $50 extra bucks.


What you need:

2 CZ mounting plates for cmore/vortex razor 

1 aluminum sheet of 1mm thickness

2 M3 x 12mm screws

2 M4 x 12mm screws

Metal cutting scissors


Metal file



Make a template on the aluminum sheet using one of the CZ plates.  Then cut it and use the metal file to get it to the right size and clean the edges.  This will be use as a shim.


Use the CZ plate again an align the aluminum shim under it, mark the location of the the screws.  Use the drill and a bit that is a little thicker than the screws to make holes.  You want passthrough holes for the screws.  Mark the location of the pins and make those holes too.


Install in the following order.  CZ plate, aluminum shim, CZ plate, then m3 screws to slide.  If you feel resistance in the screws, measure the distance and file that from the screws.  Do this until you can secure the plates tight to the slide and the screws don’t pass beyond underneath the slide.  Apply blue loctite, a good amount to the holes and screws.  You don’t want this get loose.  

Then apply blue loctite to the plate holes for the sight screws and to the sight screws.  Use the M4 screws and mount the sight.  I let the loctite set in as per the instructions, 24hrs.


Then I went to the range, shoot 200 rounds testing the setup and zeroing the sight.  No brass hit the sight at any moment, worked flawlessly.







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