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Just For Fun Project: “The Apache Pug” - NAA Homage to 19th Century Gangster Knuckleguns

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Alright I think it’s time to give a bit more substantial update here about what’s been going on and the status of these project guns. For those of you who aren’t aware, on the morning of March 16th I was hospitalized with a stroke (PSA of the month, don’t crack your neck at home). I received brain surgery on the 17th to allow the tissue to swell and drain normally. I’ve been resting comfortably at home since the morning of the 22nd, with interspersed scheduling of doc and physical/visual therapy appointments. Although it had the potential to be much more severe, I seem to have gotten off lucky with the only lasting results being a bit of double vision and some very slight instability when I walk - both of which I’m assured can be resolved via said therapies.


Moving on from the pity party, how does this effect the gun projects I’ve currently got going? The answer is, quite simply, not much. While it will take some time before I personally feel comfortable with live fire again, it turns out that pistol sights - both red dots and irons - make for some pretty effective visual therapy practice, so I’ll be maintaining my safe dryfire schedule going forward. There are no outstanding components or work to be done on the P320s and the money I set aside for the Pug knuckle grip is unaffected by my medical woes. The maker I’ve contracted to create them is hammering out the design with his business partner and there should be more significant updates in the near future.


In the meantime I’ll continue lurking and engaging on these forums as I have previously. If anyone has any questions or just wants to chat you’re of course always welcome to post here or send me a PM any time. My apologies for the delay in updates over the last few weeks and the slightly off-topic nature of this expository post. I can assure everyone that I, and by direct extension these projects, aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

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On 3/21/2021 at 9:55 AM, Steve RA said:

You can also shoot .22 LR in it.  Give that a try.

I’ve heard varying reports on that, but I think I’ll try it at some point in the future at least once. If I like it enough I’ll send off for the NAA fitted 22LR conversion cylinder

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Vision’s getting better even before starting proper visual therapy. The sights on my pistols (RDS and front sight) now appear to be one, relatively crisp dot as opposed to distinctly two different, very fuzzy points as they were when I first got home. Next range trip is scheduled for my brother’s birthday in two weeks and I plan to attend and shoot then. Early signs are good!

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