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Shock buff and DW PM9


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Ok, I have been shooting a Springfield loaded 9mm and a loaded 45 acp in single stack USPSA for the past few years.

  Both guns have an aluminum shock buff installed and has never caused a single problem in either gun.

  So, I bought a Dan Wesson PM9 and after a 250 round break in, I did a total tear down cleaning and installed a aluminum shock buff just because.......

  Today at the range total failure.   The first magazine had 2 failure to feed and once the slide locked back with 2 rounds left in the mag.

   The second magazine was worse and I stopped and field stripped the gun and removed the shock buff.

  After that, the gun was flawless, flat shooting, no slide dip or excessive mussel rise.

  Just a great gun.

  I haven’t measured the total slide travel between guns but I assume it is different.

  Lesson learned......if DW thought it needed a shock buff it probably would have been installed. I created a problem that wasn’t a problem in the first place.

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I wouldn't be using a buffer in either of your other guns.  If your loads are battering the gun, go to a heavier recoils spring, or a heavier mainspring, or a smaller radius on the FPS, or any combo of the three.  If not battering, why?  Are you wanting to short stoke the gun so it gets back into battery sooner?

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Thanks zzt,

   I have removed the buffs from the other guns and am going to the range to shoot both of them.

   I shoot 130 of in minor and 170 of in major so the loads are far from maximum. The shock buffs were put in the guns because someone suggested trying them.   So much for range advice.




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3 hours ago, Tampa-XD45 said:

My used Dan Wesson PM9 came with a shock buff which caused the same problems as you so I got rid of it.  Some guys (e.g. Bill Wilson) swear by them but it didn't work in my PM9.

Plenty of other builders/shooters think they are the cats.... my gunsmith will not use them. I've tried them on a couple guns and ne er noticed a difference so I dont use them. 

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I've been using a Wilson shok-buff in my Colt .38 super with no ill effect for years, in fact I just changed it out after 2+ years. Dawson makes an aluminum guide rod that is supposed to be like an aluminum shok-buff if you really want one. I used one for a while in my Colt with no ill effects. 

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