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2021 Cobalt Kinetics Practical 2-Gun Championship (By Max Leograndis/SUPS Crew)

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REGISTRATION IS UP for the Cobalt Kinetics Practical 2-Gun Championship. April 22-23 (staff) and April 24-25 (main) in St. George, UT. One and a half days. 9 excellent 2-gun stages including 3 natural terrain. Cash prizes for divisions and categories. Additional random prize package given to EVERY shooter with many high value items and guns.


Sign up for the main match here:


STAFF: This will be a very easy match to staff (one and a half days, comfortable shooter turnaround time). You will get comped into the staff match, receive a staff gift package from a large sponsor, and if the match fills enough, revenue sharing as a flat stipend. If you'd like to shoot the match early on Thurs/Friday but cannot staff, please sign up for the staff match and select "no" for staff.


Sign up for the staff match here: 


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15 minutes ago, StealthyBlagga said:

Max: Are you the MD?


yes. my plan right now is to either shoot staff match, or shoot stages prior to staff match to vet them, and remove my scores from the match so I can act as RM as well. 

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So I see that there is a PCC division as well as a carbine division.  Is it all the same match regardless of division, or are there distant rifle targets for those shooting carbine division?  


Disregard--If I'd actually read the info on Practiscore, I would have answered my questions.

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10 hours ago, StealthyBlagga said:

As this is a Hit Factor scoring match, will you be recognizing Major vs. Minor power factor?

No, it'll be minor all guns and divisions. No chrono either.

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