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2021 Cobalt Kinetics Practical 2-Gun Championship (By Max Leograndis/SUPS Crew)

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REGISTRATION IS UP for the Cobalt Kinetics Practical 2-Gun Championship. April 22-23 (staff) and April 24-25 (main) in St. George, UT. One and a half days. 9 excellent 2-gun stages including 3 natural terrain. Cash prizes for divisions and categories. Additional random prize package given to EVERY shooter with many high value items and guns.


Sign up for the main match here:


STAFF: This will be a very easy match to staff (one and a half days, comfortable shooter turnaround time). You will get comped into the staff match, receive a staff gift package from a large sponsor, and if the match fills enough, revenue sharing as a flat stipend. If you'd like to shoot the match early on Thurs/Friday but cannot staff, please sign up for the staff match and select "no" for staff.


Sign up for the staff match here: 


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15 minutes ago, StealthyBlagga said:

Max: Are you the MD?


yes. my plan right now is to either shoot staff match, or shoot stages prior to staff match to vet them, and remove my scores from the match so I can act as RM as well. 

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So I see that there is a PCC division as well as a carbine division.  Is it all the same match regardless of division, or are there distant rifle targets for those shooting carbine division?  


Disregard--If I'd actually read the info on Practiscore, I would have answered my questions.

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10 hours ago, StealthyBlagga said:

As this is a Hit Factor scoring match, will you be recognizing Major vs. Minor power factor?

No, it'll be minor all guns and divisions. No chrono either.

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Max:  Just for logistical purposes, do you have an approximate round count?


Also can we ship Ammo to the range?



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Amazing stages.  I had a blast attending my first two gun match.  That being said, as my first multi-gun match I do not have much to compare it to being mostly a USPSA shooter.  I think some things can be done in regards to consistency amongst RO teams, so the shooters know what exactly to expect can be improved upon.  The match ran pretty smoothly despite the ridiculous wind and sand at that range.  Moon dust essentially got into everything so if you did not plan accordingly even Glocks were having issues.  I did not see any targets fly away and there was only reshoot administered due to steel falling down during a course of fire with our Squad so that alone was an amazing feet and great planning by the staff.  Cobalt Kinetics range is pretty amazing.


The other item I would like to see revisited is the Kilo zone on the targets.  Essentially the majority of the head box is the kilo zone where one shot means double alpha.  The fact this zone is mostly a head shot and not the whole head box makes it a pretty risky shot to incorporate in stage plans for the most part.  I would like to see the whole head box, maybe the zone extend an inch or inch and a half into the body of the target so game planning of only shooting Kilos actually becomes a viable option for certain target presentations.   The argument against this might be you do not want it to be too easy of a shot, but I do not think in the Kilo Zones current presentation on the target that many would use that as a viable plan in most target presentations, and everyone is shooting at the same target.  Everyone has the same chance to hit a Kilo regardless of the size of the Kilo Zone.  Also this brings another dimension to this sort of target in that if you do not think about instituting using Kilos as a viable option might be at a disadvantage when shooting certain courses of fire.  I love the fact the scoring is Hit Factor based and NOT time plus.  If this format goes to time plus scoring the Kilo zone is a waste in my eyes.


I understand that this might make scoring a nightmare, but I would also like to see PCC scored as minor and Carbine scored as major.  Probably not realistic but it is a thought.


All in all in intend on attending more matches with this format.  You learn a lot about your equipment, equipment choices, belts layout etc.   Its also a blast to shoot carbine anytime.

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I discovered your competition on You Tube

It looks absolutely awesome and a lot of fun, is it possible to compete as a non-American?
We come from Switzerland and shoot otherwise various IPSC competitions in Europe.


Best regards from the cheese and chocolate country



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