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How to build a Glock 22lr trainer with a Red dot

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Thought I would do a little show & tell today. Here is my Covid trainer. Because of ammo prices, I put together a 22lr slide for the frame of my primary gun (Shadow Systems MR920 with Holosun 507C-GR-X2). The slide is a Tactical Solutions TSG-22 built for glocks. This build should work on any glock frame that will accept the TacSol slide.  


The challenge was to put on a red dot. First, I sent it to C&H Precision and had numerous talks with them. Ultimately they said they were not able to cut the slide because there was not enough material.


My next step was to buy a red dot mounting plate that fits into the rear dovetail so I could mount an identical 507C. Unfortunately the additional weight of the mount and Holosun caused malfunctions in the 22lr slide.


So my final solution was to purchase a SIG SAUER Romeo Zero and matching Lakeline LLC glock dovetail mounting plate. This combo is much lighter because the Romeo Zero is all polymer including the view window.


The trainer has run flawlessly with all high velocity ammo I've tried. The TacSol recommends only high velocity ammo for their slide. Of course, there is almost no recoil, so I can't use it for recoil control and multiple shots drills. But, it's great for practicing draws, first shots and even single shot transitions. It's also fun to just shoot matches with it.  There are a bunch of my local pistol matches like IDPA and outlaw steel that now allow rimfire pistols now because ammo is so expensive.  You could also shoot at regular rimfire pistol matches like Steel Challenge and get more practice with your carry style Glock.  Hope this helps.



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