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That's a good question, had an early Caspian frame for a short period, frame cracked above the mag release. Caspian replaced it with the newer square trigger frame. I have been using MBX since I can remember, but don't remember if I was with the older frame. Give MBX a call. Honestly don't know why they wouldn't. On their break from making Caspian Mags, I started using Meggar/EAA large frame mags w/Taylor Freelance magwells. Takes a little work, but they function great.  MBX are great mags, you can sell your Dawson Precision tuning kit, I have never used it on MBX, right out of the package. I also, can not speak to the new mags MBX are producing for the Caspian, I had alreagy switched mags before MBX had them in production. 

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I had/have one of the first batch of the 170mm mbx mags for the Caspian frame.  It seemed like a nice product and fit my second gen frame fine.  However I was never able to get it to work in my gun... The same gun ran weldups  made for me by Jim Anglin and Fred Craig with no problems.  I suspect it could be tuned to work I just didn't bother at the time since I didn't need to. I have a gun built on a first gen frame (round trigger guard) if I can find the mag and remember I can at least try test fit for you if that's helpful?


I use MBX mags in my STIs and they have generally been fine.  One day when I get a chance I'll ping Adrian and see what his thoughts are (when he was staring out making STI mags I had one of his mags that wouldn't work, after talking to him he sent me a redesigned follower and spring which made it work like a charm so I don't doubt this can be made to work too.)

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