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246 inch lawn mower.

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I depend on you guys for my lawncare advice and some how

this one was not mentioned

a youtube video:



I laughed and laughed.  I hope you enjoy.

I want one and I do not have the kind of acreage that would need such a healthy mower.


ETA as sarge did the first here is the second.

I am more likely to do this "mob mower"



any idea where one gets lawn-tractor tires with whitewalls?





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They say necessity is the mother of invention. I say BULLSSHIRTS!!!

LAZY is the mother of invention.  Oddly ironic, these guys put more time and effort into inventing a way to mow the lawn in 5 minutes than would have used to just mow the damn lawn. Not to mention the cost of all those lawn mowers. 


EDIT: And BOTH must have some VERY irate neighbors.

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It’s not about being practical or costs. It’s all about doing or making something and posting it on YouTube to attract viewers so they can make money.

Judging by the number of views, the guy is already making enough money to spend on more outrageous projects to get more viewers 😆 

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ah well...

not the reaction I expected.

since what I saw was an unusual solution to a rare problem and therefore amusing


If there is a need to give the 13 deck mower gang  an engineering once over...

If you need to mow and not make hay,

the thing will cut over 20 feet in one pass

and I can't think of anything that will do that and be cheaper.

it costs money and fuel to mow a lawn.

two passes with one mower is the same fuel cost as one pass with two mowers.


If you ever really need a 20 foot wide finish mower, any neighbors should be far enough away

that they will not notice your gang of go-karts.


so while I can imagine youtube paid him for his Video

I am not thinking it paid for all those mowers.


now lets get real here. the problem with this mower is the lack of a bagger option.





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Well, if it makes you feel better, tractor white walls are easy. Most auto parts stores sell paint pens just for tires, Put the tractor up on blocks, put it in gear at half throttle and paint away. ;)


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tire paint?  ok. I'll try to remember to look next time I go there.


I may practice painting "goodboot" or such



GoodBoot presents the

Turfsetter Turkey 500!


the finest in hi tech radials with advanced tread compounds

for lawn gripping traction and cornering

raised whitewall lettering

(to let the whole neighborhood know you know tires!)



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