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HK VP9L is now Production and CO legal


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Hello everyone.  Just wanted to pass along a little good news.  After conversing back and forth with Troy NROI, I have officially gotten the word that the VP9L (long slide) is now Production and Carry Optics approved!  It will be added to the list immediately.  Apparently it was already approved due the rule change regarding 'modular guns,' back in May, but I'm dumb and didn't realize that.  Now there is an actual 'Yup--that's approved.'

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On 1/29/2021 at 8:39 AM, Ohvall said:

Is anyone here shooting a VP9L?  I am curious about how much of an advantage the long slide provides. 

The same advantage you would get from moving up from a glock 17 to a 34.

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The VP9L-OR has a measurably flatter behavior in rapid fire.  Not quite as flat as a regular VP9-OR with a PMM comp, but better than a standard VP9 OR.


Some accelerometer numbers for the general differences (all numbers with 124 grain ball)




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Just a follow up, shot a USPSA Level 1 match and on the (retired, so not sure why it was used?) CM-0805 stage involving 3 targets at 50 yards, had an honest-to-gawd 4” group of 6 shots on the first (standing) target with the VP9L-OR


….right in the left side of the C-D zone.   LOL.


Fixed my zero after that one.

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