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1 hour ago, Atlasguy321 said:

I don’t know what happened and don’t really care but this is ridiculous. Everything I’ve ordered thru them is taking longer than expected. Why does the government literally suck at everything they do?   



ooops. hate rant...  I am expecting a box of cookies...

I think they will be stale by the time they arrive.



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I live in GA, and we just got mail delivered today, a Sunday. Six whole pieces of campaign material for the Senate Runoff. Im suspecting the USPS prioritizes political stuff (mail in ballots, campaign ads) and de-prioritizes individual mail. Remember, they make the money off large contracts like Amazon and bulk mail. The ballots are gov't money, the ads are massive accounts. Your packages are an inconvenience.


My recent order of bullets took one month to get here from Texas. Most of that was sitting in a warehouse in Atlanta.


Also, much of the mail service is subcontractors now. Mostly set-asides and with no oversight or accountability. What exactly is the penalty for habitually poor performance in the USPS? As long as ballots get there within a week of the election and campaign ads make it on time everything is A-OK.


One last thing. My last trip to the post office was about a week ago. I got there right as they opened and saw a soy-boy with a Gaylord (the mail trays) going in which was FULL of mail-in ballots. Why exactly would anyone who isn't a postal employee have well over a hundred mail-in ballots? 

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Its all goverment work,,, poor performance is ok,, sorry workers never get punished and good workers never get a raise,, so all the good workers quit .

You only become management by brown nosing. Senior managements expectations is to no one make waves... Sooooooooooooooo thats what Jr management does.

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