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New landlord

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The property I live on is .5acre. Very large back yard. It's in between to companies. A concrete construction company and the other side is a karate place. Behind the house is all industrial and undeveloped areas. Perfect place for me as I get a 1400sq ft house for me, the girlfriend and the 3 dogs. Only issue used to be no fence so i had to use leads for the dogs. Not a huge deal really but a fence would have been great. Old landlord while super cool, kept the yard stuff up and was super quick to fix anything. Once paid extra charge to have all new HVAC done on a weekend because he didnt want the dogs to suffer. But wouldnt put a fence up unless I paid 3k dollars... I declined. Also the lot was fpr sale the whole time I rented. That wasnt a big deal, me having to move was always planned to be a minimum of a 3 month period from final sale. Well this summer the concrete company bought the lot, house ect.. When all of us meet to discuss new contract, rent, rules ect I asked him what his plans were and he bought it to use the very large backyard to keep equipment. Was going to fence it in as well. Long story short his wife decided that since they were doing that fence they would also do a dog run connected to the house. For FREE!! That was the cherry on top of getting rent reduced by $250/month. The plan was to do the fence at end of season but covid messed it up, plus weather pushed season out till end of November (MI). Well just last week they started putting up the fencing. I'm very excited. 

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