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.40 1911 magazine/ammo issue


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Mags not dropping free.....


I’ve had this issue for a while and moved on to limited so I never ended up addressing... I’m using 10mm tripp mags in my .40 1911’s. My ammo is loaded to 1.183 and is moving around in the magazine enough to cause a drop issue. Basically, if i do not use every round in the mag, the rounds move forward enough to cause the mag to get hung up in the gun. Questions: 

Is there something i can do to the mags to cure the issue? 
Would loading ammo shorter fix the problem? 
Would loading the ammo longer fix the issue? Maybe not allowing for movement? 
Thank you in advance. 

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I'm using the same magazines and my ammo is loaded to 1.18 too.  Only thing I can think of is your springs might be worn out. Maybe stretch the springs out a little to see if it solves the problem.


You might want to call or email Virgil at Tripp. I had an issue with my Tripp mags when I first got them and he resolved the issue for me.  His number is 512-321-9445 or you can email him at info@trippresearch.com.


Hope this helps.

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weak springs, over wide feed lips, not polished smooth brass ?  Just throwing thoughts out there.

While they looked like well made mags. Tripp mags would not work in my SS 40 built on a caspian frame, non ramped barrels.
Nose dive feeds.  I also dont recall if they were 40 specific or 10mm.

Maybe try another brand of magazine like metalform ?  I use metalform 10mm mags in mine, Truncated come bullets loaded to 1.180.

I have some 40 mags with the spacer in back used with factory ammo,,, these were the extended length  10 rounders. Not as long as the 45 10 rounders but longer than normal,,  at one time single stack magazines didnt have to meet the 140mm rule in limited in USPSA..  

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On 12/24/2020 at 3:25 PM, Unicorn187 said:

Thank you. These mags have been re-tuned by Tripp a couple years back. I will hit them back up, but this has really always somewhat of a problem. 
Just wondering if i shouldn’t mess with my ammo length a bit. 

In my experience, the Tripp System mags have to be tuned every so often, based on use.  Obviously the more they are used to sooner they need re-tuned.  They work great in my SS .40.  My OAL is 1.15 - 1.17.


Depending on your loader, if it is easy enough to adjust the length, play with it a little.  But, IMO, do not change the length AND get the mags tuned.  Do one or the other and see how it works out.  

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6 hours ago, Yeti said:

Don't think that OAL is the issue at all.  My guess is sacked out mag springs or too much case lube. 


For the sake of argument.  What do the feedlips measure front & back?

Just pulled them apart and measured all 6 mags. 
Back and Front

.345 and .364

.348 and .361

.344 and .374

.347 and .351

.343 and .363

.346 and .356


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Those feedlips all seem a bit tight.  Don't think your issue is loose lips.  Replace the mag springs.

I run wider than your settings.  .385" - .388" in front and .380 - .382 rear (for an average OAL of 1.180") but adjust this based on desired high/low presentation. 

Adjust for what works smoothly in your pistol, with your preferred loads.  


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Just had a conversation with Virgil Tripp this afternoon. He is sending me 3 different length springs to try. He also mentioned to polish the part of the slide that strips/feeds the next round from the mag. Feed-lips seem to be good for now. Virgil also claimed this is a fairly common problem. 

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I ran into this problem with Tripp magazines in a 9mm 1911 with a Clark/Para ramped barrel.  The front of the mag was cut too low and allowed the nose of the top round in the magazine to get pulled slightly out of the mag (it was stopped by the feed ramp).  This prevented the mag from dropping free.


IIRC, I picked the Tripp mags up when I was having issues with some flat point bullets nose-diving with the factory mags, no matter the COAL.  The mags didn't fix the issue, so I switched to a round nose bullet.  That fixed my nose-dive issue.


After that, the Tripp mags fed perfectly!  I never had a single issue feeding round nosed bullets, but I'd often have the top round pulled too far forward.  In other words, they were feeding too well ;) 


I spoke with Virgil several times (he's a great guy!) but ended up using the Tripp mags for steel challenge (no reloads on the clock), practice or as a barney mag instead of working out the issue.


I hope you are able to figure out the issue.  The mags are really great!

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