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CZ TSO .40

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Santa got me a CZ TSO in .40. It comes with what appear to be recoil springs in several different weights. I read through the manual and didn’t get any clarification as to what the spring weights are. 

Does anyone know how to tell what is what?


any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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well.. the slide to frame fit can be pretty snug on a new gun.. ide suggest run what ever it shipped with for 1000 rounds or so.. and grease the barrel lugs and rails... and light oil on the barrel until things settle in. then play around. I think I ended up buying some cgw springs.. #12 for 165PF 200gr seemed to work well. The key is you don't want your sights to dip below horizontal with a good grip on things. seems like the stock spring may be 14#


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11 hours ago, MRevolutionIX said:

I can’t remember what the weights were but I think this is talked about in the TSO threads in the CZ section.  When I ran the TSO’s, I ended up throwing those springs away and running Cajun Gun Works recoil and hammer springs. 

Page 20 something lol:





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On 12/31/2020 at 2:02 PM, obsessiveshooter said:

you will likely prefer the 11lb out of the three


Tried all three, you were right. The 11# had the best return to battery for me with minimal front end dip. 

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