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What do you use to clean your shotgun magazine tube?

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I'm curious as to what you use to get in there and clean them.  I know most don' t do it, but I know I've gotten crap in there and was wondering if there's a special tool or device you use to clean one on your standard duck hunting non extended tube one and also on an extended magazine tube for shotguns.



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I use Tampax Super tampons and a bottle brush.


I also use the tampons on the barrel.   I got some funny looks from Police Officers when I cleaned thier shotguns at the station.  I was theier Armourer at the time.

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Next time I’m at the grocery store I’m going to be spending way too long a time  reading the labels of feminine hygiene products.


Nice business opportunity for someone to repackage tampons and douche as “21st-Century Weapon Cleaning Products”!

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