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TRR8 rear sight blade?

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Long story short: a few months ago I bent the rear sight blade on my TRR8, and have been trying to find a replacement. I've looked around the internet and for the life of me I cannot find what kind of rear sight blade the old TRR8 uses!  S&W's site says that the TRR8 uses an "adjustable V-notch" site, which mine definitely does not have. I purchased mine in 2008 or so, so it's most definitely an older model, but you would think that it would be listed SOMEWHERE, right?  Does anyone know?

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It's still a S&W sight blade try Midway?  https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1004431882?pid=242918 or just the blade https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1004507628?pid=750428 or kit https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1004467773?pid=477723 not a V notch but I don't like them anyway.


Or is this model a on of that S&W tried?  But if this is it https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/10/16/wheelgun-wednesday-sw-trr8/ it looks like a standard sight.

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a rear sight blade is a rear sight blade, no matter the model. 


Though, now might be a good opportunity to upgrade to something better like a bowen classic arms, or weigand if you are on more of a budget. 

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3 hours ago, ysrracer said:

I use this, and like it much better.



I used to use one of those. Great sight picture, but they bend easily. The blade bent down slightly twice. Sucks shooting a match with a gun that hits low unexpectedly.


I really babied it after the first time, they bend down against the sight body and you lose elevation. I went back to factory after I found a crack where it attaches to the sight body. I've been meaning to buy a Bowen with a custom narrow notch.

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I've had Millets, Weigand and factory sights on my Revolvers.  Hands down I like the Factory .196 Black RS matched with a .125 FO FS usually .250 or .300 in height.

It has the deepest notch of those listed and that is my biggest issue, I want that FO to be in the Center of the sight picture, not buried.

I'm pretty sure that is what JM used also.

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If you're replacing just the factory sight blade, you will need the little installation kit with a few windage screw (and tiny spring and detent), because the old screw is designed to break when you remove it.  It's easier, but much more expensive, to replace the entire rear sight assembly. 


The Weigand product would be much better if it were made from steel instead of aluminum.  I had one on a competition gun for a couple years, and the anodizing quickly wore through and there is no good way to recolor it.  A steel blade can be blackened with a little G96 cold blue.  The Weigand blade also fits loosely, and there is something unsettling about having a sloppy blade that wiggles around when you touch it--although I must admit I don't think it really affects anything from a shooting perspective.  

The Bowen product is very expensive and almost impossible to find in stock.


The LPA product is pretty popular, and seems to work well.  It's uglier than sin, though.  

The Millett target rear sight is my absolute favorite, but they dropped it from production years ago.




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I just got a C&S fixed rear that mounts in place of the rear adjustable.
I also have a new V notch blade kit... in addition to the screw kit, IIRC you need a security style spanner driver bit,, makes things hella easier.
While I am fine with the factory rear on my 5" 686 I changed to a Dawson FO front. That gun has the bayonet style quick change blade. So was simple fix.

My other smith is a serious gun and frankly the sight combination is horrible. Not to mention the super light trigger screws me up. Anyone done a trigger job to make DA heavier ?

But back to the sights issue. I agree with pskys2 up there. This gun is a 2.75" 386SC (scadmium lightweight L frame )  The rear blade is very shallow and narrow, the front sight is that black ramped serrated job that completely fills the notch and seems to be specifically designed to be invisible. Ive used that type of blade before without issue so I am guessing its mainly the width is too wide for the short barrel. Have a Dawson FO thin one on hand for it. Unfortunately it is the pinned in variety and havent got up nerve to drill it out yet...   WHile on subject,, #52 bit ?  Id also like to see how well this C&S  fixed rear will index both side to side and height.  The V notch adjustable and FO will be plan B

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