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Hello everyone. My name is Eric Powell. I’ve been into guns my whole life. I was a light infantryman in the Army, in my younger days. 23 years ago I built the Glock Talk website and grew it from a pup. I owned and ran it until 2012, when I sold the site to a media group. I continued to be the admin there until 2018, when they sold the site to a foreign company.


I’ve moved on to my new site and I still love to shoot. I’ve always liked knives as well and I find myself spending more time (and money) on them these days. I’ve carried the same 5” Kimber CDP for almost twenty years and I will probably carry it the rest of my life. After God knows how many thousands of rounds, it is still a tack driver.


I found this site while looking for some info on polishing brass. I recognized the owner’s name and then noticed that this site uses the same software that I use. I am a big fan of this community software.


Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Eric


Here is my Kimber. It has two decades worth of wear and dings, but it fits my hand like an old glove. It is on its second set of night sights. The first set wore out.



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26 minutes ago, SWoody said:

Hey man, thank you for creating the absolute knowledge wealth that's now Glock Talk. I've used that site to gather knowledge about glock builds for days worth of time. Happy to have you here, enjoy your time. 


Thank you. It was a labor of love.


Anyway, I appreciate the welcome. I am always happy to find a new place where no one has had a chance yet to develop an immunity to my wit. 😀 Eric

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8 hours ago, lwink said:

Welcome, and thanks for starting GlockTalk.  I know I, and many others on here, have probably been on that site and benefited from the info it provides. 


Thanks. It is amazing how it has grown. I started GT at a time when the Internet was really just getting properly started and it gained momentum faster than I would have believed. It was a hell of a ride. I sometimes wish I hadn't sold the place.

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