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My Shadow 2

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I recently bought a Shadow 2. It is my first CZ and I love it!.  I have wanted to try a CZ for a long time, so I bought a P10-C. I want to like Polymer striker fired pistols, but I don't. They are so different than the 1911s I've been shooting, I can't get used to them. The Shadow 2 however is wonderful. It's heavy, smooth, well made, accurate and fits me like a glove. 


Like many here I can't leave well enough alone. After reading the tuning 101 thread, I installed the reach reduction trigger and trigger return spring. I also polished everything and fitted the new disconnector. Along with the extended firing pin, Rami spring, hammer spring it is even better.


I tried Lok Palm Swell Bogies and they had great grip but are too thick for me. I wound up with Armanov short grips and a mag well. The grips are great. They are very aggressive and have the same palm swell design only thinner. I was surprised that the mag well makes a perfect spot for my support hand pinky and helps control the recoil.





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6 hours ago, JJM7288 said:

I’m a fan of Henning grips, they’re on every CZ I have.


The Hennings are great and look really good but they aren't nearly as aggressive as the Lok Bogies. Also if you ever have to shoot in the cold, the difference between cold aluminum vs polymer is pretty substantial. I'm gradually shifting over the to Loks as I sell my Hennings. 

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Thank you for the complements. The mag well came from Armory Craft, along with the mag extensions. I loaded up some test rounds today with BBI 125gn bullets and Sport Pistol powder. I'll try a couple of loads and see how they perform.

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