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I wish Production wasn't dying

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6 hours ago, DirkD said:

USPSA isn't going to change a division equipment rule that would make people's existing gear (Mags, extensions etc.) illegal for the division.

They relax rules rather than make them more restrictive and making peoples gear illegal.

15 rounds doesn't make much sense, when the stages have 8 rounds per view max, either leave it at 10 rounds, or go to mag length, I don't see production ever changing from 10 rounds or Carry Optics reducing capacity.

Nothing wrong with 10 rounds in Production, if you don't like it, shoot limited.


I prefer to look at problems without preconceived notion pro or contra.  That's made me a much more effective leader in business.  But whatever.


And please don't lecture me about Production.  I've shot plenty of it and I enjoyed it just like it was.

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4 hours ago, Thomas H said:


That's wild!  Out here, Production is really, really common.


Was it always a low-turnout division?  Or has it dropped that much in the last year or two?



Production took a nosedive here in Ohio from 2018 to now.


Production used to be the second or third largest division, now it's barely ahead of single stack.  Some locals have single digit production participation.


At the same exact time CO has skyrocketed to become the second most popular right behind limited.


That, and presbyopia, is why I switched to CO.

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Like so many, old eyes made me switch.  I really liked CO when it was 10 rounds, gave the best of the two worlds.  As a super senior now, I'm not as fast as I used to be, and CO goes to the young and speedy.


Nothing sucks more than feeling you shot a really great match than to find yourself at the bottom of the standings...

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