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So, on the 750 Dillon upgraded the shellplate bearing system similar to the aftermarket kits available for the 650.  Uniquetek makes what they call the "Ultimate Bearing Kit" for the 750.  Has anyone used it, and is something like that even worth it after the changes that Dillon made from the 650 to the 750?

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I would pick up the olite washer from snowshooze on ebay. The bearing didnt do much for me the olite adds a little lubricity and it functions great.


Aside from that get primer bottle and spent primer adapter so you can run them to a jug under bench. the ON/OFF switch is nice but not necessary.


Not sure whats on the 750 but I like the roller cam follower

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I just set up my press this year and bought all the upgrades and here is my opinion


Snowshooze grand slam kit for the 750 which consists of:

1. Roller cam rod for case feed- Not necessary IMO

2. Oilite bearing, nice upgrade

3. Ball and spring kit- nice upgrade

4. Case Feed Stop Switch-Absolute MUST HAVE

5. Powder Measure Quick Connect- I did not like at all and not using


#1-3 do make the press run a little smoother and gives you a little tighter fit of the shell plate.  The whole kit was $87 which I felt was worth the money to upgrade especially for the case feed stop switch which is something press should have to begin with.  It makes correcting problems and setting up the press MUCH easier. 


The 750 already comes with a roller bearing cam actuator and uses a different primer feed system that does not require a stop switch. 


I also got the Primer shoot catcher from Dillonupgrades on Ebay, again nice but not necessary I was fine with the spent primer cup.

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