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2021 Western States Single Stack & Revolver Championship - Rio Salado, Mesa AZ

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2 hours ago, Intel6 said:

I got registered for both matches but couldn't squad on SAT/SUN for the S/S match?  There are squads with zero people in them but it is all RED and you cant squad? 

Probably a squad or 2 set aside to squad some of the top shooters. Last I looked they didn't show in GM's yet. If you weren't wait listed there should be room. Also there were spots to shoot with staff on Thursday. 


Sometimes when I've registered for bigger matches I've had to initially squad on a schedule I didn't prefer. Shoot all stages on one day, for example. If you check back frequently someone will usually drop off a squad you'd like to shoot on and you can fill that spot.

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23 hours ago, funkymonkey1111 said:

So, to be clear--you can shoot all day Thurs (one day match), or all day Friday (one day match) or Saturday/Sunday (two day match)?


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4 hours ago, ChuckS said:

Looks like the folks are going to be suffering in the bitter winter weather...



We had to shoot in this weather most of the day!!!😀

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I shot the Double Tap in Texas one season on a Saturday, and got sunburned. 

The drive home Sunday through Oklahoma was on the the most frightening drives I have ever partaken in.

The shooters on Sunday were in wally world purchased parkas and snow-boots if they didn't bring that type of gear with them.


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