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Do you download your mags?

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Curious how many of you download mags? 


I run TF and TTI mag extensions on my mags and found that the tighter I top off my mags the more likely I am to run into failure to feeds. Upward spring pressure on the mag sends my rounds slamming into the face of the barrel whereas it would normally feed. Found usually downloading 6 ish rounds cures the problem. Is this normal?


JP GMR with blietzkrieg short stroked setup if that makes any diff. 

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I use 17 round mags downloaded to 10 for steel challenge.  I use ETS 40/41 round mags for action steel matches.  I preload to 35 and add up to 5 more if the stage requires it.  I never go to 41, because that stacks the springs.


Your failure to feed with full mags is more than likely due to the weight of the mag, extension and rounds.  The mag partially disengages under recoil and the second round will not feed.  I had exactly the same problem with MBX extensions.  If I downloaded 7 rounds it would work (most of the time).  Any more than 40 and it was no go.  I love the ETS mags.  I have three 40 rounders.  40 rounds is more than I need for any stage outside of a monster match.  I don't mind reloading if necessary.  I like the 100% reliability.

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CMMG RDB: I can run full Endomags, but load only on an open bolt to avoid scoring the top round with the bolt lugs (and the mag is hard to lock into place on a closed bolt).  Reload mags I limit to 28 rounds in case of closed bolt.

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On 11/19/2020 at 12:05 PM, Adamj said:

I use almost every size of the TF extensions in my stock JP GMR-15.  I usually download one though only to seat it in the gun easier. I can't say I've had any feeding issues though since installing the extensions. 

I run the TF 41 extensions and download to 40 so I can seat a mag with a closed bolt.

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I have a couple Goliaths, 4 ETS 40s, 31 and 17 round mags with +5 extinctions. They all run fine in my GMR 15. I do have a MBX mini and it has problems in all of my PCCs. I download most by 1 for ease of reloads and in the Goliaths run them with 42is just because I don't need to carry the extra weight. 





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