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Romeo 3 Max/XL windage zero drifts

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I recently switched to R3 Max on my CO setup.  I have 4 of them, and all 4 are showing windage zero drifts during live fire.  They wander left or right by about 3-4 inches @25 yards after a few hundred rounds.  I readjust the windage to zero, but after another few hundred rounds the drift occurs again.  It usually keeps drifting to the same direction on the same unit, but different units drift to different directions.   I have sent 2 of them back to Sig and been waiting for replacement/repair. 


Has anyone else with R3 Max/XL experienced this same issue?


I am aware of a Youtube video showing how to fix windage drift issues on R3 XL.  It tightens up the set screw for the windage adjustment when the "clicks" are no longer present when adjusting windage.   Presumably, if that set screw is loose, recoil vibration will cause the windage to drift.   However, that's does not seem to apply to my situation, because all my R3 Max are less than 2k rounds, and windage adjustment clicks are very prominent on all of them.


Maybe that issue also exists before the "clicks" are gone, e.g. even before the set screw is loose, windage would wander during recoil vibration?  If that's the case, how would one go about fixing it?


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I've had some lose windage in under 500 rounds, some go 5000 without problems.  On all 3 that did have problems, windage drifted impacts to the right, but that could just be chance.


Generally the clicks get very soft, but the easy way to see if the screw is moving versus something else it put a dot of paint on the screw and fire a few dozen rounds and see if the dot moves.  If so, send it back or take it apart. 


Its easy to dot the screw at the range by taking a stick of dried grass or twig, poke the end into some wet paint just sprayed on some steel and then tap the end on the windage and elevation screws to transfer the paint.



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I just got a second one of these in and mounted it yesterday on my back up production optics gun.  Right from the start the wind age clicks were very soft and was never able to zero windage even though elevation responded immediately.  My other one has been fine since day one.  I guess it needs to go back to sig.

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Thanks for the info. 


I am curious - besides me, has anyone's R3 Max/XL lose windage zero while the "clicks" are still very strong, and the paint marker you put on the adjustment screw never moved?

I am not sure how "strong" the clicks need to be to avoid the zero drifting.  Is it just the feel of clicking, or it should be a bit hard to turn?  Mine are all very easy to turn with the allen wrench, but they all have very prominent "click" feeling when being turned. 


Also, if the paint marker on the adjustment screw never moves, is that sufficient to exclude a loose windage adjustment?

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