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Just saw this on CZ UB’s instagram. New CZ TS model with “improved frame and slide geometry, improved ergonomics, and increased accuracy and service life” due to better fitment.  Anyone heard anything about this and its US availability?


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1 hour ago, Fasthenk65 said:

Standard, Green with thumb rest , Bronze with polished barrel and adjustable thumb rest... Looks bigger Shadow 2. Nice!

Bronze isn’t an adjustable thumb rest.  Green is flat and bronze is angled. You can look a the pics in the above link....


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I'm sorry to rain on CZ's parade, but I kinda feel that CZ dropped the ball on this one. Very slight improvements over the original TS.


What would really have taken the TS to the next level is a bull barrel and a lightened slide, but I guess CZ saves this for TS 3 and TS 4. Until then the TS will stand in the shadow of 2011 and Tanfoglio Limited Custom, IMHO. 

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15 hours ago, Nolf1344 said:

Hoping the grip dimensions are the same as Shadow 2. Bronze model with regular slide stop would be my preference.

 from the pic. i don't think it's the same. it's looks like the old TSO grip.

except the trigger guard.

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