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Does adding the bushing measureably increase accuracy

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On 12/29/2020 at 10:27 PM, George16 said:

It was increased February of this year iirc. I just had my shadow 2 milled a few months prior so I spent money for nothing 😠.

Oh dang yea i was looking at how much they want to mill a slide and ehat not id be mad too

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I have one installed in both an 85 Combat and a Shadow 2. Have not shot from a rest to really compare accuracy but barrel play at the muzzle is reduced to basically zero and I am more accurate with both guns than with my standard-bushing 75.


Install was simple and straightforward although the 85 took a little extra elbow grease to get the stock bushing out, and the 85 barrel also now requires a little effort to remove from the slide (I have not done any fitting on the CGW bushing).


for $60 I say its worth it. Also when I did the work on my Shadow 2 I had roughly 1000 rounds through the gun. The stock bushing was already damaged. The CGW piece is definitely a stronger, more durable part.

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On that video comparing the blue vs orange at 25 meters, I'd like to see that done off a good rest and with a blue that was new. Not saying the results were wrong, but comparing a brand new orange to a potentially wore out blue (he did say it was his competition gun) isn't the best comparison. 


I will say just installing the basic 10x bushing on my SP01 and changing nothing else other than the front sight since it was apart, I noticed a big difference in group size

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