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Where can you find a front sight with 1.5 mm fiber?

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My old eyes really love the fatter 1.5 mm fiber shown on the left and the 3.0 mm width of both the sights shown.


Anybody know where to find one?


Thought about just drilling out a 1.0 mm fiber sight but I think that would be tough (base below fiber would somehow need lowered or channeled, can't just open the holes). 


I think  I got the fat one from EAA a few years ago but am not certain and have not had any luck contacting EAA to verify and ask if they will ever get one in stock. 









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53 minutes ago, shred said:

Dawson makes some sights with an 0.060" fiber which is 1.5mm, but I don't know if they have a Tanfo one.



Thanks. I talked with them today, don't make one with 1.5 for the Tanfo and the guy I talked to said he thought trying to drill one out would be a bit dangerous. 

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21 minutes ago, goshimu said:

Direct from tanfoglio or Eric Grauffel. I have both 1.5 and a 1 (Xtreme) It’s a factory tanfoglio FO front sight usually found on the limited custom.



Just sent a couple emails asking for part numbers to get the 1.5, from either website I can't see where they clarify diameter although there is one part called out as a 1.0. The kind boss lady at Patriot Defense is checking around for me as well. 



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From Tanfo.
Dear xxxx xxxxx,
we received your message and we thank you.
We inform you that all our front sight with fiber optic models have the fiber of 1mm.


Best Regards / Cordiali Saluti
Customer Service
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12 hours ago, goshimu said:

Look under tanfoglio parts on Eric’s site.



It appears that I was a bit late on this one. Thank you regardless. 




Good morning,
Unfortunately, the front sight custom with optic fiber comes with 1 mm Fiber optic.
Tanfoglio has stop producing it in 1,5 mm.
Have a nice day
Best regards,
Sebastien Egret

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