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Which 125gr Blue Bullet for PCC, RN or TC?

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2 hours ago, Arakisk said:

Hello. I recently received some Blue 125 rn and tc. Tc has a rounded type nose.  Both feed well with an ATI pcc ( feed ramp integral with barrel). Accuracy is still being tested. I ordered the .356 dia. Getting various accuracy results in different firearms usually consistently accurate with other coated and jacketed projectiles tested.


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Round nose is all I've ever shot out of my PCCs. When I started shooting PCC I researched loads and I found several people having feed issues with flat nose. So I started with RN and have never had a reason to shoot anything else in them. 

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Having tried every profile in my Leadstar Prime PCC I've found that bullet profiles with a wide meplat do not feed well, or at all.  Rounded nose JHPs work fine, but not the ones with a wide mouth used for self defense loads.  So I just go with all plated RNs now.  They feed 100%.  So do RN coated, but I don't want to lead up the comp.  

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1 hour ago, MemphisMechanic said:

Blue bullets will eventually led up your comp if you run one. If you don’t mind getting out the dremel to grind the cement-like layer out of it, they’re a good price.

isn’t that prettt much the same for any of the coated Bullets?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's another vote for round nose.  I've use RN plated bullets for my 9mm AR first and MPX now with no feeding issues.  Doesn't punch a "pretty" hole in the paper, but I can live with that.

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