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What ammo are you running for 3 gun shotgun? Thoughts on Fiocchi JM ammo?

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I found a rare find and got a few boxes of Fiocchi JM 12 gauge 1 oz 7.5# shot.  They didn't have much recoil.  Are these special shells from fiocchi or do they make normal shells just like them?  I'd imagine they have others like them and just slapped Jerry's name on them to help with sales.


Let me know what you run and why?  I'd like to get better prepared as I'll be shooting my first 3 gun shoot in many years next month.




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Depending on what your gun likes and will run reliably. We generally run Winchester AA in whatever FPS will run in your shotgun. Here in Texas with the heat some of the cheaper rounds will deform. Saw it yesterday in an all shotgun match with almost 200 rounds and it wasn't even that hot. Several of the guys had cheap Winchester rounds and they failed to feed. Looked at them after and the plastic cases were soft and out of round. Fiocchi and Rio are also pretty good.



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