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Sig P320 RXP Full-Size

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Does anyone have one of these? I did some trading for a new one and will be getting it picked up Monday. I think with the addition of the Legion tungsten grip, GG trigger kit, GG fat guide rod, 1911 spring, Springer extended mag release, etc it will be a good back up to my 4.7" GG build that is coming. I love how the 4.7" guns shoot. 

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I've got a RX ie regular grip on it.

I put a large regular grip on it.  Ground a tungsten piece for the grip slot and epoxied it in the grip

Fat SS guide rod and GG trigger kit.

I still split it faster and transition faster than my Legion gun.


Should be a good choice as a gun to get you ready for the GG build


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Just picked it up. Swapped my Legion grip module on to it and it's money. Will pull the iron sites this week and pull the Romeo1 Pro and install my Springer plate and Alpha3 optic. Oh and the GG fat guide rod is on there now. This is going to be a fun gun. 

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On 11/11/2020 at 6:45 AM, bcane98 said:

You're going to have really nice setup, very similar to my Legion.  I love everything about the 320 Franken builds everyone is working on. I was contemplating doing one of those builds with the 320 XCarry and the Legion TXG.

You’ll have to cut the dust cover back on the txg grip. 

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