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I would like to throw alittle bit out there and maybe it will help someone that is not familiar with finishing of firearms.

First let me tell you about myself. I started in this industry thanks to my oldest brother that was the head of the Colt Custom Shop for like 20 years. In 1990 he talked me into going to see a plater that was doing work for Colt and i took the job. I have learned to cut ( buff) guns to bring them back to looking good again by some of the best in the business...Fast foward 30 years and here i am, along with my wife the owners of precision custom plating and engraving.

Now i'm not saying i know all that there is about finishing but i have learned alot. Over the years i have tried many finishes and did my homework. 

This is a rough list of things that might help you decide which way you want to go.... I will not cover spray and bake finishes because i reall y haven't much experience with them.

Bluing--- the industry standard for 100+ years. Beautiful black finish will last many years if taken care of correctly. bluing will wear off rather quickly with holster wear.

Nickel--- Has been used as a finish that protects against the elements and as a pretty finish. more durable that bluing and if taken care of will last a lifetime. It is one of the softest applied metals but holds up well against wear. thickness depends on tank chemistry, temp, time in bath..but it is usually about.001 build up per surface area.

Chrome--- I personally think that chrome has proven itself over the decades. A extremely hard, durable, good looking finish that hold up well to wear and the elements. makes cleaning of the gun easier and chrome on the rails adds a lubricity. It is also an affordable finish compaired to others. it is appied to a thickness of about .001 per surface area

Gold titainiumnitrite and black nitride----Though we offer these finishes, they are not done inhouse. But we have tried many many places that do this service and all i can say is this....... Both are great finishes. Both are hard and durable, and good looking. The trick is findng the place that does it correctly. Meaning, applied with a smooth even appearance with no voids and most of all...a non hazy transparent appearance. After many places we finally found someone that offers such product.

DLC------ Oh boy do i have experience with this. It's the newest gotta have in the market today. We have tried ( no kidding) atleast10+ companies and we have two that we like. This is a beautiful finish..and i mean a beautiful black finish. The problem is, it is exspensive. Also most do not prep your gun before coating...thus i buff it and get it looking good and ship it to them, they apply finish and ship it back. The companies apply this finish 1.5- 10 micron thick. Just so you know, The average hair on your head is 80 microns thick. Even though it is that thin , it is very durable.


Well i hope this helps your decide on what finish fits you best...or atleast reading this made it easier to fall asleep.

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