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Problems Tanfoglio D/A hammer on mid position

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Hi, I'm having issues with my Tanfoglio Stock 2. My D/A sometimes won't drop completely and the hammer gets stuck on the half cock position. 

It has a Titan hammer xtreme and a xtreme one piece sear. They both have 6000 shots with no problem. 

No signs of wear on them. 

Might be the sear spring? 


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The seear isn’t moving sufficently to clear the half-cock notch on the hammer as it swing past.

Start with the easiest thing to check: Remove the overtravel setscrew from your trigger and tell us if it changed anything.


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Wow, my first post and Menphis Mechanic answers me lol. Thanks for your comment I think you´re right, it moved a bit. By the way, the installation of my sear and hammer did it reading your posts so thanx a lot sir for sharing your knowledge freely in this forum.


Cheers from Tenerife, Canary Islands.

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