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New Idea For A Wheelchair Mount For My RFPO Gun

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I normally wear my holster on my belt when using my wheelchair.  At last month's match a number of guys asked me why I didn't make a wheelchair mount.  I had no idea of how I would do it but started to think about it.

This week I thought outside the box and came up with an idea of how to mount the holster on the side of the wheelchair in the armrest station.

I took an old holster and modified it with some hardware from Ace Hardware.  I couldn't find a piece of pipe or PVC to fit the armrest mount but was able to get a piece of doweling that fit just right.  With a few rubber clamps, a piece of re-inforced leather and some T-Nuts I came up with this idea.

I made a new holster for the gun and it fits real well.  The gun is very secure and will not fall out so far in testing but it's easy to draw from.

Rimfire Pistols do not draw for the start.  You can bag between stages but I like having my gun in a holster.  It's easier for me to not carry a real heavy bag around my neck when moving.


Wheelchair Holster -1 .jpg

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