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Holster selection for a new to me Atlas Athena

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Hi everyone,


Have a newbie question to ask...  I just purchased an Atlas Athena as a range toy.  


It is a "2011" type 9mm pistol with 4.6 inch barrel with full dust cover. 


Been looking for holsters for this pistol but found only a few makers that specifically make one for this pistol; but not really interested in the ones I saw.  


Wondering if any all all "2011" double stack pistol holster should work for this gun?  If not, is there any other pistol maker brands/type/specifications that I should be on the look out for the holster to work for this pistol? 


Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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Comp-Tac would work... but there's a bunch of the 2011 holsters that would likely work.



I have Blade-Teck for my Freedom Gunworks 2011 Limited Gun - Very similar to your Atlas Athena.- works great.  I bought a Comp-Tac for my X5. 

If I was buying another I'd go Comp-Tac just because they build some duty gear I used for years and had good service from them.

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Are you wanting a race holster or kydex? If kydex,  Red Hill Tactical or GX products will get you taken care of. Red hill has an option for "custom frame" pistol, your athena will likely be that, but maybe ask them first. I've heard excellent things about GX Products but have no first hand experience. 


If race holster, DAA Alpha X with the PT insert should work, as well as the Racer X, or an Everglades MRH. There are a ton of options for 2011 holsters. Just depends on what your needs are.

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