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Magazine Release Button for the Cheely Grip?

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No button. I find that even a small button like the Dawson causes the mag to fall after a shot with my grip.

Is it hard to press, or are you talking about the distance you have to press to release the mag? If it's the tension, you can try cutting a coil or two off the mag release spring which will make it easier to press. Cut one coil at a time and test. You'll have to replace the spring if you go too far. If it's the distance, I don't know how you would change that.

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Can't reach mine..lol


So, just cut and shaped a piece of Aluminum and attached it. Got the length just right with my grip, no hitting with my weak hand. It is a strong spring in there for sure. I left that stock, no problems dropping a Mag. 



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My E2 aggressive grip has no problem dropping mags and the spring is not overly strong IMHO. I do use a Brazos cyclone button on mine as any of the others I tried interfered with the Safariland 015 holster I use.  

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