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Setting Up Ransom Rest


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I happen to find a local shooter last year that has a decent setup behind his house for using his Ransom Rest.  He's been a long time Bullseye Competitor and has only used his rest for 1911 style pistols.  I purchased a set of grip panels for the STI/McCormick widebody and we used it with (what I thought) pretty good success.  Of course he did the setup and operation.


Fast forward to this year and we decide to get together again to test some of my RL1100 ladder loads.  Don't think we ever got the STI settled just right as results were all over the place.  Michael Ransom shared that I should be treating it like a polymer framed pistol (Glock) and to make sure not to overtighten as it can cause less than desirable results.  Said to make sure the mag will drop freely and there was free travel on the trigger return.  And that A and C will generally be tighter than B.


Trying this gives me the impression that the pistol is just not secured enough in the grip panels to keep the pistol from stringing/poor results.  Also, there's only a few threads on the thumb screws when it's "snug" in the grip panels.


Any seasoned Ransom Rest users here that can shed some light on the CORRECT way to set up a stock/polymer gripped STI 2011?  


I sure would appreciate it!



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9 hours ago, ltdmstr said:

Tried this with polymer grip STI 20+ years ago and basically had the same results.  Never could get the grip secure in the rest.  If I were doing this now, I'd swap the polymer grip for a metal one.

This sounds like a great idea.........................only I don't have an old "metal" grip laying around to swap out..............



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