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Load for Everglades Ammo 9mm 125gr JHP RN Bullets

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I am having a hard time finding any load data for the Everglades 9mm 125gr JHP RN Bullets. Anyone have any load data for them? I have BullsEye, VV N320, PowerPistol and TiteGroup.


I tried the 125 gr Sierra FMJ,  Titegroup 4.0 gr , C.O.L. 1.100, with Federal Once fired brass and CCI SM Pistol Primers, shot ok out of Nighthawk Commander.

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Yes VV has load data for the Hornady HAP and Sierra JHP it shows a difference in OAL for VV N320? Don't know if that would be a big deal. I think the Everglades bullet would be similar to the Sierra JHP.

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i use 3.8 Sport Pistol for Everglades 124gr plated bullets.. ...was going to order some more Everglades... but noticed they went up to 11 cents per bullet.. so will shop elsewhere .. 

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