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So with certain reloading supplies hard to come by I figure I better come up with some different loads with various powders. I typically use AR Comp for my 223 ammo for practice, running drills, shooting steel,  hoser ammo. I can get Hodgdon CFE 223 and would like to try it. Who has used CFE 223 powder and how do they like it,how does it shoot etc? Loading under 55 and 62 fmjbt bullets with cci 41 primers. Thanks in advance.

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I have had good luck with it loading for my 4 6.5 Grendels, a 6mmAR wildcat and a .223 18" JP. In those cartridges it gives me the best speeds. I worked up one .223 load with it; 26.5 grains with a 55gr Sierra BlitzKing that shoots really well.


NOTE: this load is safe in my rifle. All standard reloading practices should be followed with others loads. Start low and work up slowly.

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It is good, but if you shoot suppressed the ammonia smell is horrible. 


The max book load for a 55gr bullet has been safe for me in all of my rifles, including a particularly tight .223 Wylde chamber that will blow primers with book loads of AR Comp. 

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