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Which TSO recoil spring is which?

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So I believe the TSO ships with a 16, 13 and 11lb recoil spring. I believe I installed the 13lb a few months back but I’m not positive. I have read the 16 is the long one. The two short ones are the same length. One has maybe 30% more coils. Pretty sure that is the 11lb. Can someone confirm?

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This is the info I got from CZ USA two years ago when I bought my TSO:



The 16 lb spring is tapered at one end and the TSO ships with this spring.  The other two springs are 11 lb and 13 lb.  HOWEVER, the longer spring is the 11 lb.  The 11 and 13 have the same number of coils but the 11 lb spring is longer.


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I checked close to 20 springs supplied by the CZ importer with the  TSO guns and it is impossible to trust what they declare. We ordered springs

from CESAR  shop and that's most of ours club use.

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