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Looking for a case gauge to check loaded rounds?


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I know most are single hole and used to check sized empty brass but I am looking to check loaded rounds after seating bullets.  I see EGW has a 6 hole aluminum checker but has some bad reviews and Sheridan has a slotted single case gauge that I use for 300 blackout and seems to get great reviews does anyone else have any experience I know le Wilson and Dillon sell them.  I intend to check all loaded rounds before taking them to a match.

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About 5x the price, but really convenient: 
https://www.shockbottle.com/products or

Lets you check rounds and then immediately flip them into a 100 rd MTM style box.

I've not used the EGW one, and it has a reputation of being really tight. I use the Armanov gauge and anything which passes it will work in all my pistols. My CZs will eat Armanov rejects as well, but my STI SS will not.


edit: Oops, didn't realize this was in the rifle section. Armanov has 556 and 300blk 10rd gauges that you can stack into bricks if you want to do 50+ at a time.

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The vast majority of rifle case gauges do not check case body diameter. Meaning they just check cartridge headspace and case length.


Below are a Wilson, Dillon and JP Enterprise .223/5.56 case gauges with the case placed in base first. This shows that the JP Enterprise gauge is smaller in diameter.


I use the JP Enterprise after sizing the case and again to check the loaded rounds. Bottom line if the case fits in the JP Enterprize gauge it will chamber in any rifle.




I also use a Hornady gauge below to check the cartridge headspace and set the die up for the proper shoulder bump.




Another example with .308 gauges, below a "FIRED" Lake City 7.62 case in a Wilson gauge.




And now the same "FIRED" case in a JP Enterprise gauge showing its smaller diameter.




A resized case should be .003 to .005 smaller in diameter than its fired diameter. This allows the case to spring back from the chamber walls and extract reliably in a semi-auto rifle. And this is the primary reason I use the JP Enterprise gauges to ensure they chamber and extract reliably.

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There seems to be a lot of general confusion about case gauges.  I’m constantly reading posts from people asking for help because their loaded rounds passed the gauge test but wouldn’t chamber in their rifle.  As was stated above, the JP and Sheridan gauges are the only ones I’m familiar with that are made with chamber readers to minimum SAAMI spec.  If your rounds pass either of these gauges, they WILL chamber in your rifle.   Atlasguy321 mentioned the Lyman gauge (ammo checker?) which I’ve been curious about.  It might be like the JP and Sheridan but up until now I haven’t seen reports from anybody who has actually used it.

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